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Tugomir Huberger, In Paradise
250,00 EUR
Tugomir Huberger, Abstraction
150,00 EUR
Unknown, The Tabernacle in St. Lorenz Nuremberg
80,00 EUR
Unknown, The Portal of the Frauenkirche in Nuremberg
80,00 EUR
Unknown, Entrance to the Sacristy of St. Lorenz
80,00 EUR
Unknown, The Tavern "Zum Rothen Ross" in Nuremberg
350,00 EUR
D. Lösti, The Main Hall of the City Hall of Regensburg, around 1800
100,00 EUR
Samuel Prout, View of the Nuremberg Market
130,00 EUR
Tugomir Huberger, Three Ladies with Statue
240,00 EUR
Tugomir Huberger, Female Nude
450,00 EUR
193 to 216 (from a total of 1937)