About us


For 30 years, the Galerie Jacobsa has been selling old paintings, artist graphics and topographic views of various time periods.

The focus is on paintings and graphics of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Oil paintings and graphic art of Franconian artists are our specialty, works by most famous artists of the Franconian art scene have been traded through Franconian private collections through sales or mediation.

The Franconian artists such as Dürer, Prechtl, Perlberg, Griebel, Gradl, Koller, Kaller, Knaup, Wendland, Heyduck, J.A.Klein, Weidenbacher, Kunzmann, Perlberg, Wanderer, Schiestl, Ritter,

In our new gallery for modern art, opened in 2017, in the "Füll 4", we focus on the Nuremberg art of the post-war period.