Oil painting

Oil painting
Andreas Gering, Man with cylinder
3.500,00 EUR
Erwin von Körmendy, Playing children in the garden
2.500,00 EUR
Conrad Voelkel, Nocturnal street
1.800,00 EUR
Adolf Heinrich Lier, View of the Benedictine monastery on the Tegernsee
8.500,00 EUR
Atsuko Kato, Morning
2.200,00 EUR
Manfred Wilhelm Raumberger, Near Streitberg
1.400,00 EUR
Tugomir Huberger, Jester
5.500,00 EUR
Tugomir Huberger, Storm
Price on request
Jakob Dietz, Tulips Still Life
3.800,00 EUR
Jakob Dietz, Village street
3.500,00 EUR
Jakob Dietz, at Kohlbuck
4.500,00 EUR
Oskar Koller, At the canal
8.500,00 EUR
Georg Winter, Still life with sunflowers and fruits
1.500,00 EUR
Hans Oertle, Großgründlach
2.300,00 EUR
Tugomir Huberger, Harlequins
Price on request
Karl Hemmerlein, horse in front of farm
3.300,00 EUR
Otmar Engelhard, flowers
3.000,00 EUR
Leo Birkmann, Flowers
1.400,00 EUR
Andreas Bach, Selfportrait
2.700,00 EUR
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