Franconian art

We are particularly specialized in Franconian art or art from the region of Franconia.
We can offer a wide range of views of the city or pictures of Franconian artists.
Willi Hertlein, Nuremberg Castle with old town
2.800,00 EUR
Erich Fuchs, lying ladies act
2.500,00 EUR
Erich Fuchs, Southern lady portrait
2.400,00 EUR
Erich Fuchs, The juggler
1.800,00 EUR
Erich Fuchs, Three Women
2.400,00 EUR
Günter Dollhopf, Studio window
1.400,00 EUR
Jakob Dietz, At the Knoblauchsland
3.800,00 EUR
Thomas Bachmeier, In expectation
2.200,00 EUR
Andreas Bach, sheeps
1.400,00 EUR
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