Graphic art, drawings

Here you see a part of our graphic range. Ít's including graphics and drawings of various artists. You can use the options to filter your favorite artists.
Ernst Barlach, The thresher of Masuria
200,00 EUR
Georg Achtelstetter, Sebaldus Chörlein to Nuremberg
250,00 EUR
Bernhard Jäger, Face
140,00 EUR
Bernhard Jäger, Man
120,00 EUR
Blalla W. Hallmann, Burning House
100,00 EUR
Brigitta Heyduck, House in Greece
380,00 EUR
Brigitta Heyduck, House Front
380,00 EUR
Brigitta Heyduck, Church
240,00 EUR
Brigitta Heyduck, Egidienplatz in Nuremberg
380,00 EUR
Brigitta Heyduck, Colored house front
320,00 EUR
Brigitta Heyduck, Pegnitzufer in Nuremberg
260,00 EUR
Hermann Frauenknecht, Joint with bone
120,00 EUR
Toni Burghart, boot
280,00 EUR
Toni Burghart, Radi-Us
260,00 EUR
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